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“I think my argument is clear, whether you agree or I don’t care. I’m right and I have nothing more to say,” ah okay that’s having a mature debate.

The regulations are clear, I myself once took a prescription on the highway to go between the cars, I was late to the uni … well € 100 with the prompt payment I think they were and it is well placed. Things as they are.

I have already told you that you are right, that you win, that I expressed myself badly and that you and the other have gone for the blood, which at no point means that my original argument is wrong.

And yes, if you go on a highway between the cars (with a motorcycle or a bike, which would already have the balls for it), you have earned that recipe for 100 bucks well, I have not said or suggested otherwise.

By the way, a small nuance, in my original comment on this matter I said that you can pass cars when you go by bike or motorcycle, not overtake. I think it is an important nuance, if we are going to be punctilious.

Skipping traffic lights or driving on the sidewalk does put people in danger. Also sneak between cars if they are not stopped. Do not carry lights even if there is also lighting.

Then there are other things that are forbidden but that is not a problem for anyone. This is where people have to use common sense. But for what, it’s easier to come crying later

I don’t know how to say it now, at no time have I advocated driving, sneaking, going forward, zigzagging, bouncing, or whatever ‘teen’ you want to put between the cars driving, so stop repeating the same shit.

Those of the lights I have said it during the day, not at night, nor at dusk, …. damn, everything has to be explained.

And when it comes to skipping traffic lights or riding on the sidewalk, you’re not necessarily putting anyone in danger. A traffic light in which no one crosses, that you go by jumping the red light does not endanger anyone, which is still an infraction, but not negligent.

And driving on the sidewalk, it depends. It is not the same to go on the sidewalk with pedestrians, and just two meters wide, than on a sidewalk more than 3.5 meters wide and little traveled.

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