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“The good news is that you already have …

Next Generation Supply Chain Will Hit $ 125 Billion By 2030 According To Report ”Next Generation Supply Chain Market (Future Of Logistics) By Technology (IoT, AI, AR / VR, Blockchain, Robotics, 5G, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Digital Twin), Driverless Vehicles, Drones, Wearables, 3D Printing) and Geography: The 2030 Forecast report from

The lure of low-cost data storage and cloud computing has enabled organizations to capture and process large volumes of data in a short period of time to find valuable business insights for end-to-end digitization of Supply Chain.

As learning from the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have begun to implement technological changes in crucial logistics functions in various internal processes spanning supply chain planning, to …

The Subaru Outback, an SUV with permanent all-wheel drive and boxer engine, celebrates 25 years with five generations and two million units; And the next Outback promises driving fun with new technology

The recipe was as simple as it was ingenious: a great truck for family and free time, plus the typical Subaru double of a powerful boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive, and now everything has been spiced up with authentic off-road attributes that promise to cut through rough terrain and urban areas. The surroundings exude understated elegance. Subaru Outback was the name of the revolutionary who not only founded the new SUW (Sports Utility Wagon) vehicle category in this crossover recipe in 1995, but also became one of the originals of all off-road trucks in five generations up to the date and more than two million units. “Perhaps the most influential vehicles in automotive history” rose, as the specific media say …

Groupe PSA has a 360º commitment to protecting the environment that includes both the electrification of its ranges and increasing efficiency in its heat engines as well as greater sustainability in its factories and its products, taking into account factors such as the recycling of its materials and components; The Group’s greenhouse gas emission reduction targets have the external scientific validation of the Control Committee of the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi), which confirms the relevance of its climate strategy and its technological bets and their suitability the need to limit global warming to 2ºC above pre-industrial levels; PSA is included in the “Climate Change A-List” of CDP, the non-profit organization that discloses the environmental impact of large corporations. The Group has been distinguished for its actions to reduce emissions, mitigate climate risks and develop the economy.

The Citroën C5 Aircross Hybrid SUV can be managed from the Smartphone with MyCitroën compatible with iOS and Android, with the Ë-Remote function you can check the battery levels, program the electric load of the vehicle or start the air conditioning system in remote to find the car at the perfect temperature; and guides people who get behind the wheel with tips to optimize and maximize the “zero emissions” range of this SUV, which enjoys the benefits of Label 0 from the General Directorate of Traffic.

The move from diesel or gasoline technology to electrification can raise doubts about aspects such as autonomy, driving style, performance … To be close to people when they need it most, Citroën incorporates exclusive functions for electrified vehicles in the MyCitroën application which, through Ë-Remote, becomes a virtual remote control from which various functions can be managed …

The Citroën Activa Concept Car presented at the 1988 Paris Motor Show was a tangible statement of the brand’s vast technological heritage in the field of hydropneumatics; and it was equipped with three electronic control units, one for the suspension, another for the steering and a third for the well-being on board and the automatic systems, it was very agile in parking maneuvers and extremely safe at high speed when all four wheels contributed to trajectory changes.

Introduced in 1974, the Citroën CX was one of the fastest-selling and fastest-selling European passenger cars in its segment, especially in the case of its diesel versions. In the 1980s, Citroën began to think about its replacement. The project for a new large saloon was called the V80, and it came to fruition in 1989 with the launch of the XM. However, a year earlier, in 1988, in the secret rooms of the brand’s study center and with the

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