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When cleaning your computer, it is also a good idea to clean the data on your computer. Microsoft Windows users can run ScanDisk to check for hard drive errors and Defrag to keep data on the hard drive organized. it is also a good idea to go through the installed programs and uninstall anything that is no longer used.

Know and learn about free alternatives to popular commercial programs: For example, almost all computer users need a word processor installed on their computer, instead of buying Microsoft Office, which costs several hundred dollars, use a free alternative like Open Office , which is just as capable.

Many new computer users only use the left mouse button, use the mouse to its full potential also using the right mouse button to access the context menu, for example, if you select text, then right-click the mouse over this text that will take you to a menu that will allow you to copy, cut and perform many other options of this text, the same applies to files.

Although most users already use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down a web page, this wheel can also often be used as a third button by pressing the mouse, and some computer mice also allow the wheel it is pressed left and right to perform additional functions such as moving back and forth on a web page.

Lastly, many computer mice also have side buttons, also known as thumb buttons, that can be programmed to perform a number of functions, such as returning to a web page or opening a magnifying glass.

Each program includes a certain type of online help that can often be accessed by pressing the F1 function key during the program or through the file’s help menu. If the help provided does not answer your questions, Internet searches or using online help services such as Computer Hope can answer these questions.

Keyboard shortcuts should be known and used by all computer users, as knowledge of these shortcuts can greatly increase your productivity on the computer and make your overall computer experience that much more enjoyable.

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