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s the perfect time to get excited about the imminent changes, it depends on us how the new world is going to be.

After seeing the spectacular dance of figures in relation to the pandemic caused by COVID-19, in SMEs, we are at a similar crossroads, do we know well the data for decision-making in the face of this crisis?

La Neurona has launched a project to help Spanish SMEs, through the creation of a web space to inform, help and re-drive a group that is the engine of the economy and soul of the country’s business fabric.

The Spanish Marketing Association and Good Rebels have published the results of the second wave of the “COVID-19 and Marketing” barometer, where aspects such as digital transformation or investments in the sector are addressed.

Brands need to be in conversations, have a purpose … After this crisis there will be a before and after in brands.

At La Neurona we have made a list of business lessons that we can learn from La Casa de Papel, coinciding with the premiere of its 4th season

To guarantee the efficiency of online events, many aspects must be controlled. In this article you will find very useful tips to keep in mind.

It is time to take the initiative and change our communication plan from top to bottom. How?

This crisis has characteristics that give it a special category, which will give rise to extraordinary reactions and changes. So what role can and should brands play?

The exercise to anticipate future problems is simple: observe, understand and learn. For this we must put our imagination to work. The key question is “What if …?”

In all companies there are Rich Leaders and Poor Leaders, let’s do our best to give visibility and elevate the former.

In these days of home confinement, we are once again witnessing that exhibition of popular and anonymous talent that is overwhelming social networks.

Here is a selection of series, programs and documentaries to watch and learn about in this quarantine stage

Teleworking is already a reality. Now, it is time to face it in the best possible way. We analyze some keys so that it becomes an effective modality.

Many SMEs and companies have tackled the challenge of telecommuting without reaction time. Rushing is not a good travel companion, especially when it comes to cybersecurity.

The coronavirus has turned our daily lives around.

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