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YouTube currently has a huge global community of approximately 2 billion users who search its vast catalog for music videos, the latest trends in news, tutorials, fashion and makeup tips, and even series and movies every day. Since this is the most popular video sharing and search platform in the world, Google’s great visual network has decided to launch 5 new features to improve the user experience.

Reid Watson, YouTube Product Manager, has explained in a statement what the 5 new features to improve the user experience on YouTube consist of, as well as tips to make the most of the platform without wasting a single of the new functions that are available from the present day.

For some months, YouTube included chapter separation to its videos: with this function it is possible to divide long videos into chapters, adding timestamps and with which viewers can easily jump to a specific section.

Now YouTube has expanded this feature by including a list that can be found by tapping or clicking on the chapter title in the player. With this feature you can see a complete list of all the chapters that are included in the video you are watching, and a thumbnail preview of what you will find in each specific chapter will also be shown. Thus, users can save time and jump to the chapter they are looking for.

How many times do you look for a tutorial or a news flash that you can’t understand because it’s not in your language? YouTube includes subtitles in many of its videos, however it is often difficult to activate them.

Now, to make the subtitles more accessible, the video social network has put the button in a more prominent location, directly in the video player on mobile phones. Additionally, the autoplay option also has a new location that allows you to more easily “turn on” and off during playback. These improvements will soon also be on the web version of YouTube.

YouTube has noticed that users love to use the “left” or “right” buttons to go forward or backward 10 seconds, so now it will make it easier to enter and exit full screen mode.

You will only have to swipe up to enter full screen mode, and down to exit, and if you want to see how much time remains in a video compared to what has elapsed, you just have to touch the time stamp, to toggle between both options .

One more of the improvements in YouTube is the implementation of “suggested actions”: with this function the user will be asked to turn their mobile or play a video in virtual reality when the social network considers that it will improve their experience. In the future, more suggested actions will be integrated.

YouTube recently introduced bedtime reminders, a tool that is designed to benefit the health of its users. With this feature you can set reminders for specific times to stop watching videos and go to bed, a feature that joins the set of tools that YouTube has launched to better manage time online.

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